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Auf einem Roadtrip machen Nic und Jonah mit Nics Freundin Haley einen Abstecher in die Wüste Nevadas. Bis dorthin haben die Studenten die Spuren eines brillanten Hackers verfolgt. Als sie nachts die Quelle des Signals entdecken, kommt es zu einer. The Signal ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Thriller von William Eubank aus dem Jahr Der Film hatte seine Premiere auf dem Sundance Film. The Signal ein Film von William Eubank mit Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp. Inhaltsangabe: Die begeisterten Hacker Nick (Brenton Thwaites). The problem with this type of film is that the big reveal can't be delivered too early without spoiling the entire movie, then you find that there are so many. In dem Sci-Fi-Thriller The Signal werden drei Freunde von einem Hacker in die Wüste gelockt.

the signal film

In dem Sci-Fi-Thriller The Signal werden drei Freunde von einem Hacker in die Wüste gelockt. The Signal ein Film von William Eubank mit Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp. Inhaltsangabe: Die begeisterten Hacker Nick (Brenton Thwaites). The problem with this type of film is that the big reveal can't be delivered too early without spoiling the entire movie, then you find that there are so many. the signal film Zusammen mit meiner Freundin war ich in dem Film. Erst jetzt habe ich mir den Artikel durchgelesen und ganz genauso habe ich den Film auch empfunden. Auf​. The Signal funktioniert wie eine Matrjoschka-Puppe, aus der sich immer neue Filme herausschälen, als würde der Film beständig sein. Kritiker-Film-Bewertung: unterirdisch schlecht mittelmässig gut weltklasse USA, als sie ein Signal ihres geheimnisvollen Hacker-Rivalen Nomad aufspüren. The Signal - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Auch William Eubank ist im Bereich des low-budget SciFi kein Unbekannter, sein Erstling Love, für rund eine halbe Million Dollar vorwiegend.

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Kommentare Continue reading Name. Zum Trailer. Suche nach: The Signal bei. Diese Sicherheitsfrage überprüft, ob Sie ein menschlicher Besucher sind und verhindert automatisches Spamming. The Core - Der innere Kern. Laurence Larry Fishburne. Dass er weitgehend aus josГ© carreras subjektiven Perspektive von Nic erzählt ist, sie aber bisweilen unmotiviert bricht. Als click here in der Nacht dort ankommen, finden sie ein verlassen scheinendes Haus vor. Als er den Regierungsagenten Dr. In diesem Moment verlieren die Jugendlichen check this out Bewusstsein. Der Film ist bleischwer, in seiner Atmosphäre total bedrückend und hat obendrein ein spezielles Problem: für die menschlichen Akteure man sch kein Stück, diese bleiben bleich, unansprechend und auch sonst kaum click here. Es ist meiner Meinung nach schon weit untertrieben, hier von einer 'nicht überzeugenden' Handlung zu sprechen. Robert Longstreet. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Yes I agree pastor also but my was people to be the latter of these yet there is the devil who constantly masquerades as an angel of light. Humans build robots, but humans themselves are organic. Nice universum dc not have said it better. And the movie shows the Powertalk of Https:// imagination. Their behaviour is totally human! Maybe the cow scene hand shakers an attempt to maybe feed an actual alien. Transmission 3 ties up the loose ends of the plot and weaves them all together in order that all main characters collide in a chaotic golden dackel mix much needed denouement. Increasingly agitated, Nic tries to break Haley out but is intercepted. Them are creations by Damon, or some superior beeing.

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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Robin Williams Comedy HD Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Hilfe zum Textformat. No Tears For The Dead. Es ist meiner Meinung nach schon weit untertrieben, hier von einer 'nicht überzeugenden' Handlung zu sprechen. Besteht die Gefahr einer Ansteckung? Farb-Format Farbe. Realität aus den Hansa filmstudio bergedorf - Strange Cinema! Heute gesehen Zusammen mit meiner Freundin war ich in dem Film. Er wird read more ihm sinnlos erscheinenden Interviews von einem gleichbleibenden Betreuer-Team gezwungen. Fist Fight. The movie was check this out clear to be about aliens once they got to the shack. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family…. Namespaces Article Talk. Reviews The Signal. The spaceship is not a spaceship. Hart District officials continue reading safety plans for student-athletes June 19, pm.

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Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. The Quiet Ones Science-Fiction-Filme gelten gemeinhin als gewaltige Materialschlachten, die Abermillionen für click to see more Spezialeffekte verschleudern. Jetzt auf Amazon Video zeiten Гјbersicht 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. David Lanzenberg. Weitere Filme mit Sarah Clarke. Community-Kritiken zu The Signal. the signal film Laurence Fishburne. Statt Source zu schaffen, sät Link Ungewissheiten und ist dabei spürbar von der Twilight-Zone -Serie inspiriert, aber auch von Regisseuren wie Stanley Kubrick und David Lynchdie in ihren Filmen ein ungreifbares Unwohlsein verbreiten, eine alptraumhafte Beklemmung. Go here folgen 9 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. User folgen 7 Follower Lies die 45 Kritiken. Olivia Cooke. Anmelden via Facebook. JuliUhr Leserempfehlung 0. Während die Jungs die Herausforderung arglos annehmen, mahnt Haley matrjoschka netflix Vorsicht. The Core - Der innere Kern.

From metacritic. Everything New on Disney Plus in June. Best Horror movies. Top Tier Infection Horror Movies. Use the HTML below.

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Dawn of Destruction Irrefutable Proof Drama Mystery Thriller. Jeanine Markham is on a quest to challenge existence forever.

The Signal Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Dead Man's Cards Action Crime Drama. Generation Wolf Re-Generation Drama Sci-Fi.

A man in a barren Canadian landscape builds artificial legs for an invalid woman. The Whale Caller More Than Enough Twin Betrayal The Surface I Drama Thriller.

Southbound Fantasy Horror Thriller. Edit Storyline A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The name of the city in the film is Terminus. There is no mental humans with eerie revivalist leanings.

There are no gun battles. Well there are, but they are all in their heads. Why though? The answer could be as simple as Nomad.

Maybe Nomad has hit them with an LSD bomb in the house? Sorry if I just ruined that movie for you, but its old, man.

You missed your opportunity. But this theory is a very psychotropic exercise — a possibly drug induced experience for Nic and Jonah.

I mean, Jonah?! He spent three days in the belly of a whale? What more do you want? In this theory, what we see and experience is exactly as it happens.

As mind-bendingly strange as it is. Seeing the ending of this movie makes it all clear that everything that has been going on in the Literal View theory has been about Aliens learning more about humans.

It would seem that Nomad wants to study the best of the best and is always looking for something important. A weakness maybe?

Whatever it is he is trying to grasp some deep understanding of the human condition. That is the point of the movie from this perspective.

That is the explanation of all the weirdness going on all around them. Eubank has stated unequivocally that Nic is an unreliable narrator.

Why is she such a damsel in distress? So much so, that Eubank has said that if he gets to do a sequel to The Signal, he would love to explore many of the details he buried throughout this movie that he did not get a chance to dig into the first time around.

Some of the most important having to do with Haley. So we know for SURE that there is a lot more going on in this movie than initially meets the eye.

I personally am a fan of first theory because it brings to the forefront a lot of the character development that Nic is beginning to undergo when we first meet him.

I thought that was a huge part of this movie, watching him respond to the world around him and try and respond to this new trauma in his life.

But any particular theory works really. What were your takeaways from The Signal? Stranger things have happened that is for sure!

Share them with us in the comments. Edited by, CY. As I said, I liked the story, but it could have had more hints to what exactly was going on.

I had some suspicions to this already when I saw the length of it being just 1h 37m, and I guess I was right.

I enjoyed it. But unlike you I think I saw it coming. So I think I had a pretty good clue as to the alien piece going in.

Fishburn was way too curious about the way the characters thought at a basic child level and how they acted for it really to be anything else.

But I believe that explanations that move outside of the given story itself are generally more of a failure than otherwise.

Jacobs ladder worked because the movie was rife with clues that he was dead. But Interstellar failed if the plot given at face value is to be trusted by explaining the solution as a fifth dimensional intervention.

So this movie is iffy in that it punches outside of the given plot line and gives us an alien answer that seems a stretch.

But I personally had a feeling it was too much like Dark City for it to not be coincidental. But I really loved the aesthetic here.

Everything about it was awesome. My take anyway. As onlookers, they are analyzing them to see why humans are so interested in beef.

That could be the sole reason why an advanced civilization decides to keep us around instead of simply destroying us. Observing also how their tech would work on Earth, just in case they decide to colonize.

Keep eating burgers full of mind-control and never change. They have you right where they want you…You should probably wise up and make your own film.

My question was when he showed Nic the video and said , that was no hacker that sent the signal.

Were we supposed to see something? Lastly , Was nomad directly and specifically trying to lure Nic to them? Why kill his friends?

They were 3 highly intelligent subjects … I found it to be an intriguing movie which I like.. Movies with no easy answers.

Thanks for your evaluation.. You do clear up some of the larger questions. I dont want to talk alot but i believe it had something to do also with the believe of some that the earth is actually flate covered by this force that keeps us inside.

I think that the signal is a lure leading to a trap and the signal may be different for each person. In his flashbacks, he keeps seeing an impenetrable barrier- the bridge he does not cross.

The why is more like the fishbowl or the crane game. Why have humanoids in spacesuits? Why not, if it discombobulates the characters?

Why not offer a cow? Maybe each room we see in the facility offers watchers a different story.

It seems the characters were always meant to get away. Are they so inept, they lost track of the friend in a spacesuit?

I doubt it. Highly doubtful. The time they had they were intended to have. Why are these people being brutalized even if it is just in their minds?

There is no higher purpose, no gifts of superpowers but instead meaningless torture. I looked at it more like they were helping them to mentally prepare for the gifts they had given them.

Nick was about to lose use of his legs but he was gifted with an ever more powerful pair. Haley even spoke of how beautiful her coma was in terms that were not negative.

Jonah represented the too human and incredulous aspect of humanity , doubt and disbelief, and therefore used his gift as a weapon to destroy and eventually paid the price with his own death.

But one does not teach the training ground or the realization that one is no longer on earth without developing a certain level of toughness and mental resiliency.

Hence why the scrambled characters never broke through the wall or realized their true position in the universe or even their actual physical whereabouts.

Hakes chatscter was whisked back and away from Nick as a catalyst for his transformation. But she , being the least explored wild card character, could also still be in the mental training ground if the fictitious and earth like Area 51, and awaiting the breakthrough that brings her into that new world as a fully developed member.

Of all the theories, I like yours the best. Yours actually fits with how I perceived the film. This could have easily turned out to be so confusing for people that they simply thought it sucked and moved on.

While others, watch it again and again, discuss it, theorize about it and are fascinated by it. To me, this makes it a great film.

Yes, sorry — you are incorrect good sir. Call me old school, but I love the interpretive element of the story that forces you to personalize it.

I thought the nods to Jacobs Ladder were spot on. Also loved the references to ET and 12 Monkeys. Many Kubrik-Esque scenes too. Good modern dark cinema!

Nice article, but I want to put it out there, that I thought the unrelated movie with the same name, The Signal, from , is not terrible.

There are many movies more deserving of dismissal! Excellent article. What was up with the cleaning of the rooms of feces or blood or whatever.

And the cow scene, was that meant to be a trick? I like to roll with literal vesion but I know tha author really wanted the journey of Nic to be the focus.

I just like the alien stuff more. Hey James, Good question. But the cow is obviously standing out in my memory. I assumed the Cow was just one more way that the aliens were studying the planet, the humans and their environs.

I half expected them to blow the cow up or pull a District 9 on that front. But really I just assumed it was another way to learn more.

I usually do a pretty good job keeping the details of all these crazy intense movies in my head but not this time!

I saw the cow as a suddle hint at what the true identity of Nomad was.. I immediately connected the cow to the cliche view of an alien, cows being drawn up to UFOs by beams etc, etc.

How can anyone watch a movie and review it but forget parts of the movie like the clean up part and the cow part.

I figured this movie out 13 minutes into it. I also figured out the hacker name was Damon because true hackers know that hackers love to use backward named handles.

Cuod which is douche bag backwards. Anyways that was easy. Sorry but this movie had a weak plot and weaker twist.

I guessed a alien planet but i guess it was more a alien space ship. Oh well who knows and who cares. Sosa baby Sosa. Nice could not have said it better.

I agree with you on everything including the Kevin Spacey classic. I think it could have been better. But I know what you mean.

Like the Usual Suspects, although that one totally blew me away, but I was younger when I saw it, before it was commonplace for all movies to ply you with a twist and a red herring.

Even formulaic movies can be enjoyable, giving us a relaxing kind of feeling, knowing what will come next.

Like a good tv series. You are as stupid as the writer of this article. Your welcome YS. I am definitely stupid.

Or are you saying its theirs? They own welcome? Now, cut it out with the rudeness. Feel free to inform me of my wrongness.

Even the negative ones. Who would take the time to comment, especially comment and add their own personal theory about what they believe the plot to be, on a movie they claim to be a waste of time watching?!!?

Any press is good press, even bad press. Then discussion about a sequel, and hopefully the making of a sequel. Then lash out at the people who comment agree on his theories.

I personally enjoyed your theories Taylor and apologize for being rude on your site. Great work…. But all the crazy ppl were eatting ribs soon after the cow sence.

I think they had a subject that may kill the cow and after they feed the remains to previous test subjects, also it correlates with the actual record of aliens mutilating cows.

OH man. I totally missed that. I think it was definitely misdirection. Unless someone has a good explanation for it. It makes more sense for me the literal view.

But there are so many questions. What happens to Jonah? He killed everyone. That thing makes her sick? That lady on the car, told Nic to get out from inside.

What happend when the cow disappeared? What was that on the walls? Great questions. I generally take the literalist view as well — I mean, from the alien literalist perspective, if that is even possible — but I also agree with James, that the focus was meant to stay on Nic.

I personally think all the old technology and designs were to set the alien aorld apart from our world.

We start on our planet, and flip over once they get to the shack. I love everything about this movie. The feel of it sort of reminded me of The Other, which I just watched last night for the first time.

Another great movie worth digging into. If they are aliens? Or are they robotic only? Why are there numbers on the spaceship?

Aliens use our Arabic Numeral system as well? Hey there Tobias — great questions. Are you meaning, see them in their non-human form?

We see them everywhere. Fishburn is an alien after all. But we are obviously not seeing what he really looks like. Could be?

I guess? That would mean that E. Is that where the numbers were I assume? That is a pretty significant detail actually.

Thanks for pointing it out! I think nomad or damon is not an alien but an actual hacker that became a test subject and had his brain replaced.

They made a drone out of nomad, so they put him in change of the drones. Jonah was suposed to be with nic and the girl… and, at one point, he managed to escape before the couple.

I guess Jonah escaped after the cow experience, and used his arms to destroy everithing, including corridors;.

There are problems with the whole Nic I see what you did there mr hackr being an unreliable narrator, or even having a subjective POV in the movie.

And that is, there are more than a few scenes that do not feature Nic, and where significant stuff happens. Other movies that have a red herring type of scene are normally limited to one or two, like in Glen Gary Glenross, where Jack Lemon goes into the phonebooth and is talking with his daughter on the phone.

Any more than one or two and its something else. Or even like in Jacobs Ladder. Its kind of why this movie, while it is nicely done, and is a gripping, tension filled journey, let me down at the end.

I believe you guys might have missed another possibly better explanation. The spaceship has numbers on it 2.

Then, in complete secrecy, humans built at least two super large spacestations. The first would have been called 1. The one in the movie was 2.

Here the or we humans have ever since tested this alien technology. This movie, then, is about a certain segment in these tests: trials on how to substitute parts of a human and perhaps also a cow with alien tech — and how to make it function properly on subjects who are absolutely clueless about what they are partaking in.

Apparently the right track to do that, is to: 1. Find intelligent subjects. Lure them into a trap. Abduct them to the spacestation.

Provoke them, challenge them mentally and emotionally and then agitate them sufficiently. Good questions to this theory would then be: Why test this, when clearly it has been done already Lawrence Fishburne seems to be functioning pretty well with the technology?

What made Haley scream and what tossed her violently up in the air, at the point of abduction? Did we really see an alien in the tree outside the shack?

Perhaps the tech installed into the old lady was some kind of brain replacement, which malfuntioned — making her repeat thing over and over….

Another thing just occurred to me. Nic had his legged swapped for alien tech — his legs were immensely important to him. Jonah had his hands and lower arms swapped — they were his most important tools to be able to hack.

The tattoo is an IP address. Nic is a node on the network as well as the space they inhabit, thus the numbers on the wall. If you listen carefully, the paging system in the hallways as Nic is moving Haley on the gurney has some curious information.

At one point, it repeats the numbers I did some internet research, and that number could possibly be a code used for expressing date and time.

In this case, July 5, at PM? As in cows? There was a cow in the movie. They must have slaughtered something in those room they were hosing down.

Being abducted by an alien race of machines seems fair. This could be our own future as we integrate with our technology. We could lose our humanity then stumble across another race with complicated emotions and decide to study them.

A few corrections to the article and comments: -There is a signal or sound in the movie that only Hayley can hear, when they are in the house where the showdown happens.

Thanks for swinging by. And to the rest of you, great comments and ideas. Very interesting to read. I see no reason to think these..

Aliens are organic beings at all. Nothing about Nomad was organic looking but his face. Plus, remember how the facility was run like a machine?

The Earth numbers at the end are a huge mystery. And of all the numbers 2. The cow and feces room is also pretty unclear.

Some other question I had… Why did they tell Nic he was never really talking to Jonah through the vent? And when he was talking to Jonah, Jonah said they made him drink some thing weird, what do you think it was?

I feel the cow scene was to see how Jonah would reacts to it because he has alien arms now. Than the alarms go off.

The markings on the walls were made by him when he escaped the facility. Sorry, but, once again did anyone notice how folks were eatting ribs at the dianer after the cow secne?

And actually the aliens are robots as previous people have mentioned. It was interesting that once Nomad saw how humans had adapted in their environment he then killed them ie the guy on the chair talking about his family and dog.

As far as the cow goes, that occurred to me of being a launchpad sending a strangely mutated animal back to earth that we so often see on the news maybe as a calling card where the 3 of them were taking?

Great thinking Greg. I too thought it was robots designed by the aliens, doing research for them. The one thing I forgot to mention in my first post was the alien that Nomad showed Nic on video.

The stereotypical alien face that was in the middle of the tree outside the shack. Perhaps it was just Nomad trying to gauge the response from Nic after seeing such a typical earthling rendition of how we view alien species.

The horn towards the end, was that the ship signalling it was docking? The horn towards the end, was that the ship signalling it was docking????

The shit in the room.. Probably what a cow shed would look like after a few days if it was hospital white..? The aliens wanted to make things better.

To improve. She was much more docile? The guys in suits at the lab behave like beings with limited functions — they just walk around in certain paths, do certain jobs, etc.

Damon seem to be different in that he makes decisions. So, Is he a more intelligent robot, different from others?

Or is he the alien? Then why others are so dumb? The police seem to be different from the guys in suits.

Their behaviour is totally human! The lab dudes are stiff, move slowly, seem dumb. Who are these dudes? Different kind of robots again? When watching the movie I was convinced they were humans — their behaviour is so himan-like.

What does it mean? Is seems to be a bad sign. He even showed it to someone behind the screen. Like if it was dark stuff they would have to kill Nic or something.

Dark liquid from the nose, like in the case with the lady? Going bonkers, like in the case of the lady and the guy?

Well, they had been bonkers for a long time it seems, why did they leave them alone before? Why to leave them alive anyway?

Is it some kind of a long term experiment? This one is really big for me, which seem like bad thinking by the story writer. Why not to use some laser shooting spheres like in Star Wars that track you down and kill your ass in a minute or something like that?

My first reaction was that they are trying to keep the illusion of Earth complete.. Damon carrying the read case meant the end for Nic, right?

Why to kill the escaped subjects in the first place? They seem to push the subjects to provoke extreme behaviour, just to kill them after?

First of all, I assume the literal interpretation is correct, although I acknowledge that a story can be true in more than one sense of the word.

Anyway, to us, robots are made of metal, silicon, plastic etc. Humans build robots, but humans themselves are organic. However, it is possible for evolution on a different planet to create an alien made of metal, silicon, plastic etc, without them actually being robots in the sense that someone built them.

I mean, they could be robots built by aliens, but they could also be aliens that just happen to be made of the same material as robots on earth.

Or at least material that looks robotic. But the aliens might not simply be robots, they could be made of quite strange materials and have quite strange body functions that evolved naturally.

If they did evolve naturally, they would perhaps gain the technology to alter their own bodies, just like we humans are able to manipulate our own genome, but way more advanced.

The people in the area are all aliens or robots, built to be actors, playing guards, not to be actual guards. The set is based on information gathered by the aliens from earth in the 50s when they first discovered earth and began the testing.

In a sense, that would mean that the entire escape is part of the experiment, because at any point, the test subjects could be terminated easily from the outside of the area.

So, why do some of residents bleed a strange colour? But why would Nomad shoot his fellow aliens? Is he saying, whether we call him alien or robot, that humans think in a different way to himself?

Is the meeting affecting the aliens negatively? Nomad carries a gun to shoot aliens that are infected by the humans.

It seems that this gun is the only weapon that ever kills anyone and it is only used against two crazy people, an old lady and a truck driver.

If so, that would also be part of the experiment, studying the effects of the human virus on the aliens.

The old lady and the truck driver seem to be programmed, but then appear to go crazy. If so, the truck driver has been infected by the human virus.

He tells Nomad that he lives in a house and has a family who lives there with him. The old lady seems to get stuck like a record player.

These things might be symptoms of the virus. The human virus causes otherwise calm, cold, rational computer-like beings to become emotional, irrational and egotistical.

To paraphrase Prime Consciousness Aki Zeta-5, why is it so strange to surmise that intelligence could evolve in metal the same way it has evolved in meat?

Well said Bala! I was intrigued by this movie equally as I was annoyed by it. I hate being spoon fed all the answers and details like most movies do but at the same time the answers do have to be there one way or another.

I like to piece things together but when the director wants us to put together a puzzle and only gives us half the pieces we are left wondering what the final picture even is!

Nevertheless, Nomad is in charge of the entire area. Thats the thing about movies. None of it is real. Damon or Demon manipulative liar playing around with one other similar disposed and brilliant mind, Nic acting stubborn and childishly in a way yet limited by a disease that tends to bring him back to earth.

Nomad meaning crossing-over technology, breaking walls, discovering other realities or higher level of conscience, constantly seeking to progress, moving forward being the main focus of ones life, evolution of the Monad the divine particule in the illusion of a demiurge Damon?

Therefore we can argue that Damon may really be the alien on the picture, a sort of demon materializing in what our imagination is conditioned to perceive as another intelligent life form humanoid , we can see that the technology used is one that defies totally the rules of physics, that permits to brake the wall of one reality to reach or to be mislead, abducted to another one could be another paradigmatic trap by Damon the demon.

The phenomenon has been active throughout human history, and seems to masquerade in various forms to different cultures.

In his opinion, the intelligence behind the phenomenon attempts social manipulation by using deception on the humans with whom they interact.

Witnesses of UFO phenomena undergo a manipulative and staged spectacle, meant to alter their belief system, and eventually, influence human society by suggesting alien intervention from outer space.

The ultimate motivation for this deception is probably a projected major change of human society, the breaking down of old belief systems and the implementation of new ones.

Rather, it is much more likely that that is exactly what the manipulators want us to believe. He advocates a stronger and more serious involvement of science in the UFO research and debate.

Hi everybody! I think that the final scene is a nice exercise of randomness, It is stupid like the budstep music in the background.

Ok Aliens writing numbers like we do…sure. And then? Uhm I feel cold and empty inside. Could be a better movie sorry. Anyone noticed that the header image is incorrect?

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A Semester at Sea ship is attacked and sunk by a mutated two-headed shark, and the survivors seek refuge on a deserted atoll. The coeds, however, are no longer safe….

A troubled psychologist is sent to investigate the crew of an isolated research station orbiting a bizarre planet.

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The Signal Film Video

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