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Svetlana Fisher, zuvor Milkovich, ist eine russische Prostituierte, die er anheuert um Mickey zu. erfahren wir, dass Svetlana mit angeblich Mickey's Kind schwanger ist und dass er sie heiraten wird, nachdem Terry Milkovich sie angeheuert hat um ihn zu. Bekanntheit erlangte sie als Svetlana Yevgenivna in der US-amerikanischen Serie Shameless. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie (Auswahl). Shameless (englisch für „schamlos“, „unverschämt“), im deutschsprachigen Raum auch als Daraufhin holt sein Vater die russische Prostituierte Svetlana, diese soll aus ihm die „Schwuchtel rausficken“. Sie müssen heiraten und bekommen. Kevin, Veronica und Svetlana starten einen Oben-ohne-Dienstmädchenservice, während sich Frank im Obdachlosenheim eine neue Familie zusammenstellt.

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Kevin, Veronica und Svetlana starten einen Oben-ohne-Dienstmädchenservice, während sich Frank im Obdachlosenheim eine neue Familie zusammenstellt. Svetlana Fisher, zuvor Milkovich, ist eine russische Prostituierte, die er anheuert um Mickey zu. erfahren wir, dass Svetlana mit angeblich Mickey's Kind schwanger ist und dass er sie heiraten wird, nachdem Terry Milkovich sie angeheuert hat um ihn zu.

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- Rapunzel Grimm hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Die russische Barkeeperin Svetlana darf sich freuen. Sie wird mehr im Leben von V und Kev mitmischen dürfen. Schauspielerin Isidora.

Later on, it seems that Mickey is more involved, more willingly in Yevgeny's life and tries to be fatherly to him, while Ian enthusiastically helps take care of him.

In Crazy Love , Ian steals Yevgeny and takes him on a road trip in a full psychotic break which also shows Mickey's concern for his son's safety.

After Ian is released, Mickey is shown Yevgeny by the cops and he is happy to see him again and holds his son.

With his father in jail, he and his mother visit him along with Ian. He is happy to see his father again while Mickey is amused to see him.

Later on, his mother decided to leave the Milkovich house and they come to live in the Ball House. Played by Isidora Goreshter, Svetlana was a spunky Russian sex worker who was part of Shameless for five season.

During her time on the series, she ended up getting pregnant, married, and divorced. There was also a complicated love triangle involving Svetlana, Kevin, and Veronica — ultimately leading to Svetlana marrying Veronica in order to not be deported.

Those who took a break from the show not long after that — or those simply missed a few key episodes over the past two years — might have no clue what happened to Svetlana.

It was in January when Isidora announced she wouldn't be returning to Shameless. And the show's writers ended up giving her a fitting sendoff.

In late January , Isidora shared a black-and-white photo of a Shameless script alongside a caption announcing her departure from the show.

I am forever indebted to you for your belief in me". The actress went on to express the gratitude and admiration she holds for her Shameless co-workers — as well as for her fans.

This cast truly is something special and nowhere in this industry have i found a more loving and supportive group of actors," Isidora continued.

Every episode is another crazy situation that one or more of the Gallagher six get into. Watch them grow and learn how to make their way in life with what little they have.

Written by Linda Taylor. I don't leave reviews very often but I had to for this show. I have not seen the UK version and don't really care to because this show is just top notch.

I had never heard of this show since I work overseas but ended up catching the 5th episode and absolutely loved it.

I told all of the guys in the fire station about it and ever since we have had to catch up on all of the previous episodes. Everyone in the department loves this show and that is a hard thing to do.

All of the characters are just great and have so many flaws. Macy does an awesome job as the dysfunctional father. I gave it the highest review I think a show can receive because I don't think there is a perfect show, but this comes darn close.

I definitely recommend this show. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Read more No Click. He often starts pranks and stunts that land him and Carl in trouble. Later on, Sammi tracks him down and they reconcile. When Ian and Mickey get engaged, Terry goes ballistic and attempts to prevent the wedding by burning down the venue. He starts a fling with a coworker named Eddie; he later makes amends click at this page Sierra and reconciles their relationship.

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Von ihrer Mutter Monica ist sie enttäuscht, weil sie sie mit Frank allein gelassen hat. Carla Bessa. Die Ausstrahlung der dritten Staffel begann in Deutschland am Häufig erhält er dabei widerwillige Hilfe von seinen Kindern, die er entweder in seine Machenschaften mit hineinzieht oder die vermeiden wollen, vom Jugendamt in staatliche Obhut genommen zu werden. Fans von Shameless see more also gespannt sein, wie sie die Truppe weiterhin aufmischen wird, für einen wilden Spruch nach dem anderen ist Svetlana allemal zu haben. April zu Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Jeff Pierre.

She gets an abortion and urges Debbie to do the same. By the end of season 6, Fiona and Sean plan to get married, but Frank ruins their happiness on their wedding day by revealing that Sean has continued using heroin behind Fiona's back, causing Sean to leave.

At the start of season 7, Fiona becomes acting manager at Patsy's Pies in Sean's absence and refuses to deal with the fallout of her aborted wedding.

She begins to act more selfishly as she is tired of being unappreciated by her family members.

She bans Frank from the house, despite appreciating him for saving her from marrying Sean. She sees an opportunity to invest in a deteriorating laundromat and uses the Gallagher home as collateral, which angers Lip.

She eventually sells the laundromat to Margo and buys an apartment building. When Monica dies, Fiona is indifferent and declares her willingness to have the funeral consist of a bonfire in the funeral home parking lot using the ashes stored in a bag.

Fiona buries her portion of the inheritance meth in Monica's casket. She lets Frank return home after reconciling with him. In season 8, she becomes the owner of an apartment building.

She begins to be more independent while still assisting her family. Toward the end of the season, she begins seeing a dashing Irish man named Ford.

In Season 9, Fiona tries to help Ian with his situation while others tell her to let him settle it himself.

Fiona realizes that she cannot always help and is pleased when Ian handles it. She continues to handle her business and starts investing while continuing her relationship with Ford.

However, she learns Ford is married and goes bankrupt following a bad investment. She is forced to sell her building and falls into a drunk slump.

Fiona finds solace when Debbie gives her a chance to humiliate Ford as revenge for his deceit. As a result of her downward spiral, her role as caretaker falls into Debbie's hands.

Her drunken antics results in her being fired from the pie shop and being arrested for assaulting a neighbor. Eventually, Lip kicks her out when she accidentally gets his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsee drunk.

Fiona's habits warrant Frank's attention who also tells her to check herself. After waking up after a night of drinking in her former apartment building, she attends an AA meeting and gets a job at the advice of her attorney.

While working at a gas station, she learns from an old business partner that an investment she made garnered her a large sum of money.

Quitting her job, she meets with her attorney, who advises her to leave her past behind. She realizes her siblings have grown up and no longer need her; advice from Ian cements her decision to leave Chicago.

Fiona's family try to throw a party to see her off, but she resolves to leave beforehand, afraid that she will have second thoughts and stay.

She amicably parts with her father, who thanks her for all she has done. In high school he was a straight-A student.

He created various money-making schemes to help the Gallagher clan survive, such as running an ice cream truck that also sold beer and marijuana and fraudulently taking the SAT's for fellow classmates for a fee; this latter scheme is thwarted by Professor Hearst, an investigator from the Educational Evaluation Service.

After testing Lip in private, Hearst discovers Lip is one of the statistically very rare students capable of achieving a perfect SAT score and offers him an internship at the robotics lab at the University of Chicago, which Lip turns down.

Hearst gets Lip in trouble with his past clients by invalidating all of their SAT scores, since they didn't actually take the tests themselves.

In addition to being adept scientifically, Lip, like his father, is multilingual; in season 2 he speaks Portuguese and Italian and in season 4 he speaks Spanish.

Outside the classroom, Lip spends much of his time drinking beer, smoking weed, and eventually participating in car theft schemes with Jimmy.

Lip has a strong bond with Ian and is the first one to discover that Ian is gay. During the first season of the show, while tutoring Karen Jackson in mathematics, Lip develops a sexual relationship with her, and soon falls in love with her despite her refusal to commit.

In season 2, Karen reveals to be pregnant with what is believed to be Lip's baby. Despite some initial hesitance, Lip looks forward to being a father and is devastated when the child is not his.

Lip starts a new relationship with Mandy Milkovich. They live together from season 2 until season 3; Lip briefly lived at her house and she eventually moved herself in with the Gallaghers.

Though Mandy and Lip have an insatiable sexual relationship, he is annoyed when the relationship becomes more domestic and Mandy becomes "clingy".

When Mandy discovers Lip does not plan to going to college, she believes that he is wasting his potential and his chances for a brighter future.

When she secretly applies to colleges on his behalf, he is accepted by MIT , among others. Lip breaks off their relationship when he learns that Mandy hit Karen with her car, an accident that resulted in serious injuries and brain damage, to keep Karen from him.

Despite some setbacks, Lip graduates from high school, which the family celebrates. In season 4, Lip begins courses at Chicago Polytechnic.

He struggles to balance his studies, his job at the cafeteria, and his family life. Lip's new girlfriend Amanda helps him and his grades improve.

He takes over as caregiver for the house when Liam ingests Fiona's cocaine and she is arrested. In season 5, Lip works for Tommy in construction.

At Amanda's summer home, Lip and Amanda's father initially do not get along. However, Amanda's father offers Lip an internship when they find some common ground.

After the raid, Mickey locks Lip out of the getaway car, leaving him to hide from the police. Despite difficulties in paying for his education, Lip receives a grant and also begins an affair with a professor named Helene Runyon.

Helene invites Lip into her home and her husband catches them, but condones the affair due to an apparent taste for voyeurism.

Because of his affair with the much more worldly Helene, Lip starts losing interest in Amanda, and she eventually punches him in the face when he reveals he did not take their relationship as seriously as she was.

In season 6, Amanda gets her revenge by posting a naked picture of Helene online. This causes Helene to get fired and her relationship with Lip to end.

Lip has trouble getting over her until Queenie uses reflexology to give him a foot massage that arouses him and "cures" his stress. He is later fired as a resident assistant and takes a job as a sorority's houseboy for the free room and board.

He begins working as a teacher's assistant for an alcoholic professor named Clyde Youens, whom he befriends. However, he begins drinking to cope with his break-up with Helene and it soon spirals out of control, resulting in a stay in the hospital for alcohol poisoning and being fired from his job as house boy after he drunkenly urinates on the house mother.

When he learns Youens stole his work he smashes up Youens' car in a fit of rage. Lip gets arrested but is bailed out by Professor Youens who takes pity on him and informs him he has been expelled.

Youens pays for Lip to go to rehab and sets him up with a job for when he gets out. In season 7, Lip adjusts to sobriety and begins working as an intern at a sketchy tech company that is eventually shut down due to an FBI investigation.

He then gets a job at Patsy's Pies working for Fiona. In this season, he becomes more contentious; Lip believes that because his internship can lead to a 6-figure income, that he is the one who should be the breadwinner of the family and that Fiona's job is not enough, which makes Fiona leave the house and vow to stop taking care of everyone else.

He meets a girl named Sierra who also works at Patsy's, and they become friends with benefits, although the relationship eventually develops into something more.

Youens tries to convince Lip to go back to college; Lip agrees to attend an appeals hearing, but is denied because of his previous actions.

The rejection causes him to relapse into drinking and start a fight with Sierra's ex-boyfriend, causing Sierra to break up with Lip.

He then goes on a few benders and ends up breaking into Helene's house whilst drunk; she proceeds to tell him to sort himself out and "move on".

He leaves weeping. At the end of the season, Lip attends his mother's funeral and decides he wants to stop drinking and confesses to Sierra that he wants to go back to college.

During season 8, he attends AA meetings and gets a job as a motorcycle mechanic. Lip is one of the few put off by his father's change but is pleased by him putting in the effort.

He starts a fling with a coworker named Eddie; he later makes amends with Sierra and reconciles their relationship.

However, in the season finale, he tells her to make amends with her child's father and states that although he does love her, he is unsure how to, given that he was drunk the majority of their relationship.

He takes in Eddie's niece, Xan, who is abandoned when Eddie skips town with a fling. In season 9, he continues to care for Xan and tries to apply to be her guardian, but his attempt is prevented by Fiona's actions, which leads him to kick her out of the house.

He starts a relationship with a girl named Tami, who belittles his sexual prowess until he redeems himself. Lip later part ways with Ian who is serving a two-year prison term for arson.

He makes progress in his AA classes and becomes a sponsor to another alcoholic. Lip and Tami find out they are pregnant and they decide to have the baby and make the relationship work.

She gives birth to their son "Freddie" in the first episode of season He struggles to adjust to fatherhood, but is reassured by Frank. Although initially believed to be Frank's son, a DNA test reveals that he is actually the son of one of Frank's brothers, making him the cousin as well as half-brother to the other Gallagher children.

He begins a sexual relationship with his boss, Kash, although this is short-lived. Ian eventually comes clean to his family about his sexuality.

Ian develops a complicated relationship with his neighbor, Mickey Milkovich. At the end of season 3, after learning Mickey impregnated and married a Russian prostitute, Ian runs away.

It is later revealed that he enlisted in the Army using his brother Lip's identity, as he is still underage.

In season 4, it is revealed that he deserted training camp, stole an army helicopter, and is being pursued by Army MPs. He is eventually apprehended, though ultimately released into his family's care.

When season 4 begins, he works as a dancer and a rent boy at a gay bar called The White Swallow while squatting in an abandoned house.

Lip and Debbie track him down and try to persuade him to return home. Ian's behavior becomes more and more erratic and he is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder , just like Monica.

Ian is offered treatment but refuses it despite his family's encouragement. In season 5, Ian is arrested then released into Monica's care.

When Monica takes Ian to live in her trailer, he discovers she is using methamphetamine and he leaves.

He returns to the Gallagher household and by the end of the season has ended his relationship with Mickey, citing his mental illness.

In season 6, Ian visits Mickey in prison. Mickey asks Ian if he'll wait for him, but Ian has convinced himself that he's over Mickey.

After being tired of being bossed around by Fiona, Ian quits his job at Patsy's Pies, and Lip gets him a job as a janitor at his college.

Ian thinks Lip and his friends are making fun of him and they get into a fight. When Ian sees a car crash occur, he rescues a woman from a burning car.

He passes out and is saved by a firefighter. Ian eventually meets a firefighter named Caleb with a father who disapproves of his homosexual lifestyle.

Caleb encourages Ian to apply to be a paramedic and convinces Ian to lie about his bipolar disorder on the application.

His deception is soon discovered, but Ian convinces his boss to let him keep his job despite his mental illness. Despite initially being in denial, he soon comes to accept and take pride in his mental illness.

At the end of the season, he helps throw Frank off the bridge following Fiona's aborted wedding. In season 7, Ian discovers that Caleb has been cheating on him with his female friend from high school and they break up.

Ian is shocked to learn that Mickey has escaped from prison. Mickey soon contacts him and asks Ian to run away to Mexico with him, which Ian accepts.

However, at the Mexican border, Ian realizes that he has changed and decides not to go, devastating Mickey. Ian tells Mickey that he loves him, and the two kiss before parting ways.

Ian reveals all of this to Trevor, and the two break up. After learning of children being forced to attend conversion camps by their parents, Ian takes up a crusade and inadvertently becomes the face of a movement, "Gay Jesus".

Things spiral out of control and end with his arrest after blowing up a van. In season 9, Ian is released from jail after making bail, although he faces years in prison for his actions.

His behavior continues to be erratic, but after realizing how out-of-control his life and the movement have become, he goes back on his meds and takes responsibility for his actions, ultimately leading him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Ian is sentenced to two years in prison in the end and is seen off by Carl, Lip, Liam, Kev, and V after Fiona fails to show up to drive him to prison.

In prison, Ian is shocked to discover that his new cellmate is Mickey and the two resume their relationship.

He is visited by Fiona in the finale, where they share a heartfelt reunion and she tells him of what's been going on in his absence.

She soon reveals her desire to make a fresh start and he encourages it. In the end, he spots the plane Fiona is in and smiles, silently wishing his sister well.

During season 10, Ian continues his relationship with Mickey, but they have problems due to the stress of jail and Ian's impending parole hearing.

They make amends when Mickey smuggles a burner phone in jail for Ian to meet his nephew Freddie.

Ian is later released on parole and is assigned to an eccentric and corrupt officer. Despite mixed feelings on his return, Ian is welcomed home with a party thrown by his friends and family.

In the season finale, Ian and Mickey attempt to get married, only to have Terry burn down their wedding venue. Ian's friends and family come together to plan a new ceremony on short notice at a polka hall owned by an old flame of Frank's.

Though Terry again tries to interrupt, Ian's former Gay Jesus followers step in to keep Terry from succeeding.

Ian and Mickey are married and drive off to their honeymoon in a Mercedes owned by Frank's ex Faye. Terry shoots up their honeymoon suite, though neither Ian or Mickey are hurt.

Debbie covers for others but is not brash or reckless like her older brothers. She forgives her father's neglect and irresponsibility as well as her mother's absence.

She is very mature in some ways and has trouble making friends with people her own age. Like her siblings, Debbie knows clever ways to make money at a young age and runs a daycare business in the early seasons.

She is one of the few of the Gallagher children to get along with Frank and even call him Dad on several occasions, although her tolerance of Frank's actions wanes over the years.

In the early seasons, Debbie is often stressed by her adult responsibilities but is upset that she doesn't get the recognition for it.

When she was a child she called out Fiona for making her play both sides and was told to "act like a kid" by Fiona when Child Protective Services come over, despite Fiona wanting her to contribute like an adult when bills need to get paid.

In season 2, she meets her paternal grandmother and they bond when she gifts Debbie a laptop that she continues to own for most of the series.

In season 3, Debbie becomes a teenager and is more rebellious, disrespectful, and secretive like her siblings. In season 4, her friends Holly and Ellie glamorize sexual promiscuity.

Debbie meets the twenty-year-old Matty and tries to seduce him, but is rejected because of their age disparity. Debbie becomes jealous of Matty's girlfriend, Seema.

Debbie makes harassing calls to Seema at work, puts a snake in her car, and plans to stab Seema with a homemade shank. As revenge, Seema hires a boy in Debbie's class to humiliate her.

Matty then breaks up with Seema and says he has committed himself to Debbie because even though Debbie was horrible first, Seema "is the adult.

At a party, Debbie rapes an intoxicated Matty after which he leaves and tells Debbie to never speak to him again.

Debbie then meets Derek and begins a relationship with him. By the end of the season, she gets pregnant on purpose in the hopes that it will Derek want to marry her, believing a happy family is the solution to all her troubles.

Derek, unable to accept the responsibilities of fatherhood and angry at Debbie for deceiving him, moves in with his grandparents in Florida and cuts off all contact with Debbie.

Derek's family points out that Debbie was too busy trying to trap Derek into fatherhood and marriage that she never listened to his hopes and dreams.

Despite this, Debbie resolves to keep the baby, still believing Derek will return. Her decision to have a child creates a major rift between herself and Fiona, who refuses to raise yet another child, resulting in Debbie briefly living elsewhere temporarily.

Debbie gives birth to a baby girl named Frances Harriet Gallagher named after Frank on the Gallagher's kitchen table towards the end of season 6.

She initially struggles with new motherhood but refuses help from her family, although she later gives in after exhaustion causes her to accidentally drop Franny.

In season 7, Debbie continues to struggle as a single mom, especially with Fiona threatening to kick her out if she cannot pay her share of the rent.

She considers several avenues for making money, including prostitution and panhandling. DCFS pays her a visit after a video of her fighting a woman while holding Franny is posted online.

Debbie's perceived failures as a mother causes Derek's family to take Franny away, although Debbie later regains custody with Monica's help.

In an effort to provide a better life for her daughter, Debbie takes the GED and drops out of high school and enrolls in welding school.

She also begins a relationship of convenience with Sierra's disabled brother, Neil, and moves in with him.

In season 8, she combines working in a parking lot with taking care of her daughter. She begins hanging out with some friends from her welding classes, including a man she later has sex with.

Her involvement in her social life causes her to neglect Neil, who breaks up with her. Faced with the need to earn money to continue paying for her welding classes, she begins working clandestine welding jobs at night.

However, she is later injured on the job when a large pipe crushes her foot. She can't afford the cost of the operation to fix her toes, so Frank helps her amputate them, Gallagher style.

She is stunned when Derek returns, resolved to be involved in his daughter's life. He later offers shared custody, which Debbie rejects.

In season 9, she begins working as a welder on a stable basis. Talking to her classmates, she realizes that she earns less than her male colleagues and begins fighting for an equal wage.

Through this fight against the patriarchy, she meets a woman named Alexandra, and they become friends. However, the two later hook up, causing Debbie to come to terms with her sexuality.

However, the relationship comes to an end when Alex believes Debbie is merely going through a phase and does not want to be hurt by another straight girl.

Debbie later falls in love with Kelly, Carl's girlfriend, but is rejected. Debbie begins to assume more responsibility in the Gallagher household, especially after Fiona spirals out of control.

In season 10, Debbie rules the household with an iron fist following Fiona's departure. However, she has secretly been spending lots of money on expensive clothing, which she wears several times before returning.

She hides the clothes in a secret storage locker, which is later discovered by Frank and Mikey. Debbie begins a relationship with Claudia, and later has sex with Claudia's underage daughter Julia.

A jealous Claudia reports Debbie to police, and Debbie is last seen running down an alley to escape after officers arrive at the Gallagher house to arrest her for statutory rape.

He initially shares a room with Lip and Ian, who try to keep their more adult interests from him. Carl is often in trouble at school for attacking other students.

In his early years, he displays several psychopathic tendencies such as mutilating his toys and killing stray animals, although this behavior seems to wane as he ages.

He also displays concern for his father Frank and is one of the few children to call him Dad, although this loyalty weakens as Carl grows up and becomes more aware of Frank's deceptions.

In season 3, Carl bonds with Frank when the latter convinces him he has cancer for a scheme although he is later "cured".

He is later placed in a foster home after Frank calls DCFS on the family, but returns once Fiona files for legal guardianship of her siblings.

While bonding with Frank, he is nearly arrested for stealing from his former foster parents before Frank assumes full responsibility. During season 4, when Frank is dying from liver failure, Carl takes it upon himself to find his father an organ donor and meets his half-sister Sammi, and her son.

He later begins a whirlwind relationship of crime with a girl named Bonnie, and is devastated when she leaves.

After Frank survives his liver transplant, he shares a beer and hug with Carl to thank him for his help in saving him. In season 5, he has grown up more and begins selling drugs for a local gang which Fiona discourages and Frank encourages.

Carl later uses his nephew Chuckie in his illicit schemes, but both are caught and sentenced to juvenile detention.

Although Fiona begs Carl to betray his gang associates to receive a lesser sentence, Carl refuses as he wants the "street cred" juvie will give him.

He is later accepted by the gang for his loyalty. In season 6, he leaves juvie and immerses himself into gang culture. He begins selling firearms with his friend Nick.

After someone steals his bike, Nick murders the kid and gets arrested. Carl is traumatized by this and decides to give up his criminal ways.

However, he is pistol whipped and threatened by his superiors when he refuses to do a drug run. Frank fills in for him but it is Sean who helps Carl get out of the drug business and gets him a job at Patsy's.

Carl enters into a relationship with Dominique and loses his virginity to her. He later decides to be a cop after spending the day with her father.

In season 7, he learns that Dominique cheated on him when he tests negative for an STD she contracted, causing the two to break up.

He eventually enrolls in military school with the help of Dominique's father. During Season 8, Carl becomes much more responsible and mature thanks to his time in military school.

He also begins a makeshift detox business in the family's basement, where he meets Kassidi, an impulsive, unpredictable rich girl who ran away from home.

The two begin dating, and eventually marry. Eventually, Kassidi's clingy behavior becomes too much and Carl leaves her and returns to military school.

In season 9, Carl becomes a corporal cadet in military school. Kassidi followed him and set up camp outside the school gates.

Her presence proves to be an annoyance to Carl, and threatens his promotion. One of his cadets "takes care" of Kassidi though it is never truly confirmed in an attempt to gain Carl's approval.

When Carl returns home he plans on applying to West Point. He manages to get a recommendation letter from a senator with some help from V, and begins volunteering at Soothing Horizons, a business that euthanizes elderly and terminally ill dogs.

However, he cannot bring himself to kill the dogs, and takes them home to die peacefully in the basement. During a West Point aspirants' party, he meets Kelly, the daughter of a strict military man, and the two begin dating.

Carl soon becomes jealous of Kelly's friendship with Debbie, fearing the two will fall in love. His paranoia causes Kelly to break up with him.

He begins working at Captain Bob's, a seafood fast-joint, to make money. His break up with Kelly, as well as rejection from West Point, causes him to lose hope in his future and decide to not return to military school.

He changes his mind after Kelly reveals she loves him, and the two reconcile. In Season 10, Carl graduates from military school and continues his relationship with Kelly.

Carl also get his job at Captain Bob's back and takes an interest in a new coworker. He helps her with a scam, in exchange for half profit.

To Carl's shock, he learns he is the father to twins due to Frank using Carl's sperm to impregnate the former's ex-girlfriend.

He is African-American and was initially thought to be the result of his mother's supposed affair with an AA sponsor, parole officer, or bouncer, though a DNA test reveals that he is Frank's son.

It is suggested that this is because Frank may have been the result of his own mother's affair with a black man, with the genes passing onto Liam.

Season 10 revealed that Monica's grandfather was the one who had had an affair. During season 2, Liam is taken because of Frank's bad bet and the family amasses money to reclaim him.

In season 4, Liam ingests Fiona's cocaine and possibly suffers brain damage but recovers. Since Frank still had parental rights, he is needed to get Liam out of the hospital.

Lip cares for him as he does not trust Fiona to do so, while Carl fights off bullies who tease Liam for potentially being mentally retarded.

During season 7, he has grown up considerably. He is shown to be the only Gallagher child who is still loyal to Frank after they turn against him.

Frank "disowns" his other children and takes Liam with him. Despite warnings from his siblings of their father's habits, Frank treats Liam better than he did the rest of his children.

When the family finds Frank started a homeless shelter, Frank turns all but Liam away since they are now against him. Liam soon starts school but finds it closed due to a lack of children due to gentrification.

Frank later helps him gain admission to a fancy private school with paid tuition. Liam thanks his father by hugging him as he goes off, with a proud Frank looking on.

Frank is allowed to take Liam to school, which is a stepping stone to his acceptance by the family. From his time with him, Liam starts to take more after his father.

During season 8, he spends more time with his father, who decides to change his ways and sees Liam as his last chance to be a proper father to one of his children.

Liam is shown to not mind Frank. Liam enjoys school, although his education is hindered by his school constantly taking him out of class to promote diversity, causing him to fall behind in his classes until Frank steps in and tells the school to stop taking Liam out of class and educate him, causing his grades to improve.

Eventually, Frank hits rock bottom and Liam is now used as a lookout for Frank to steal from the rich parents but they still bond. In season 9, Liam is expelled from his school as a result of Frank giving various STDs to the mothers of the school, who then passed it to their cheating husbands.

Liam is sent to public school and is picked on for his upper class education. However, he uses his new intellect to help a classmate with school work for protection from a bully.

Liam's intellect lets him be placed in sixth grade. She was conceived in the middle of Season 5 and born toward the end of season 6.

When her water broke, Debbie gave birth to her child on the kitchen table whom she named Frances after her grandfather for his support.

During season 7, she went by her middle name when Debbie and her siblings became estranged from Frank temporarily, as Debbie changed her name back after going to Frank for help.

She meets her paternal relatives who take her away from Debbie, though her maternal grandmother returns and takes her back after being excited at having a granddaughter.

At a CPS meeting, Franny is returned to her mother while her paternal family is allowed visiting rights, although both families are warned to get along, lest they lose Franny to the system.

Franny is often seen in the Gallagher household being tended to by her mother, aunt, and uncles. In season 9, Frances begins to talk and declares that she is a "good girl" to Debbie when she tries to convince her to misbehave as part of a scheme.

Jimmy Lishman Justin Chatwin is a main character in seasons , a guest star in season 4 and a recurring character in season 5. He is also known as Steve Wilton and Jack.

Jimmy is a young man who courts Fiona, going to great lengths to win her over because she is his "dream girl". He has expensive possessions and spends money liberally.

Fiona finds this off-putting until she discovers that he is a professional car thief. He later reveals that his real name is Jimmy and that he comes from a wealthy family who presumes he is in medical school.

In season 2, he returns to Chicago after fleeing the United States to escape arrest. Fiona learns he married Estefania, the daughter of Nando, a Brazilian mafia mob leader, as a marriage of convenience to pay off a debt Jimmy owed Nando.

He threatens to kill Jimmy if the later does not play the part of devoted husband for Immigration Services. Jimmy and Fiona resume their relationship at the end of season 2, although he keeps his continued involvement with Estefania a secret.

In season 3, Jimmy goes back and forth between Fiona and Estefania. When Jimmy does not answer a phone call, Estefania faces immigration officers on her own and is deported after she cannot prove the marriage is real.

Nando then takes Jimmy on a boat, presumably to murder him. In a post-credit scene in the season 4 finale, he is revealed to still be alive and started going by "Jack".

In season 5, Fiona encounters Jimmy at her diner job. Although she is angry at him for leaving her, she sleeps with him and cheats on her husband, Gus.

Fiona later confesses to Gus, and all three agree to meet at the diner to discuss the affair. Gus immediately punches Jimmy in the face.

Fiona talks to Jimmy and he offers to whisk her away to Dubai, but she decides it is better to end their relationship as she is still unsure of his true identity.

Jimmy's business partner Angela tells Fiona that their deal in Dubai had been cancelled earlier that day. She often gives Fiona advice concerning relationships, caring for her siblings, and caring for herself.

Veronica pursued a hospital medical career until she was fired for stealing medical supplies, and works at a nursing home at the beginning of the series, while moonlighting as a cam girl.

In season 1, she and Kevin get married, although the marriage is not valid since Kev is still legally married to his first wife.

In season 3, V and Kev are heartbroken to learn they are unable to conceive. Veronica's mother Carol offers to act as a surrogate.

However, V finds herself miraculously pregnant with triplets one of which is non-viable , and she gives birth to twin girls. When Carol wishes to keep her baby, V and Kev agree, unable to financially support two children.

In season 5, Veronica struggles to adjust to motherhood and is jealous that Kevin pays more attention to their daughters than her, resulting in the two becoming temporarily separated.

During this time, she contacts an old high school acquaintance and agrees to go out on a date with him, though she is unable to commit to him.

She and Kev eventually reconcile. In season 6, V marries Svetlana to prevent her from being deported, and their friendship evolves into something more.

V's attraction to Svetlana initially causes tension between her and Kev, but the three eventually work out a solution, and by season 7, they are in a polyamorous relationship and raising their children together.

They attempt to adopt each other's children, only for Kev and V to find out they signed ownership of the Alibi over to Svetlana.

Kev and V end their relationship with Svetlana. In season 8, V takes revenge on Svetlana by having her arrested by immigration.

She makes a deal with her to reclaim part of the bar in exchange for getting out of jail. She fails to resist Svetlana's seductions, much to her annoyance.

Thanks to Fiona, V realizes that her attraction to Svetlana stems from a desire to be dominated, which allows her to break free from Svetlana's control.

She and Kev get rid of Svetlana by getting her married to a wealthy, senile man. In season 9, she juggles between motherhood and running the Alibi.

She continues to help the Gallaghers, including getting a letter of recommendation from a congressman for Carl.

She and Kev try to find a nursery school for their two girls, but because there is only one spot available, they have the girls impersonate one another.

When Kev proposes that they have another child, V refuses. She gives in and agrees to adopt a child, while ordering Kev to get a vasectomy.

He is separated from his first wife, whom he left after she abused him. Kev is the owner of the Alibi Room and is the Gallaghers' neighbor and friend.

Though frequently annoyed by Frank's lifestyle, he gives Frank drinks on credit at his bar and cashes his disability checks for him.

Kev is dyslexic and grew up in foster care. When Kev and Veronica take in a girl named Ethel, Kev takes it upon himself to make her feel as comfortable as possible; she runs away and leaves them devastated.

Kev inherits the Alibi from its previous owner, Stan. To keep his bar afloat, Kev partners with Mickey and runs a brothel from the apartment above the bar.

In season 5, Kev takes to parenthood easily to V's annoyance. His devotion to his daughters and his inattentiveness to V results in the two of them being briefly separated.

During this time, Kev lives in Lip's dorm and sleeps with multiple college students. He ultimately realizes how much he cares for V and the two reconcile.

By season 7, Kev is in a polyamorous relationship with Svetlana and Veronica. Tensions arise when Kev fears V loves Svetlana more than him; the three of them attend couples' counseling to resolve these issues.

He and Veronica are betrayed when they learn Svetlana tricked them into signing ownership of the Alibi over to her. Refusing to work for Svetlana, Kev takes a job bartending at a gay nightclub.

Kev and V rid themselves of Svetlana and resume ownership of the bar. During season 8, he has a brief health scare, which leads to him getting genetic testing, which reveals the location of his biological family.

He, V, and their daughters travel to Kentucky to meet his family, who reveal that his birth name is Bart. Although Kev is initially overjoyed to finally have a family, he is heartbroken when he learns he was intentionally abandoned at a gas station as his family was unable to care for him.

He forgives them when they reveal that he is the only successful member of the family. In season 9, an online critic rates the Alibi the "rapiest" bar on the South Side, Kev takes it upon himself to make the bar safe for women.

He later tries to convince V to have another child; she refuses, and demands that he get a vasectomy.

She finally agrees to adopt a child, and they eventually take in Santiago, a Guatemalan immigrant. Kev is ecstatic to finally have a son, but is heartbroken when Santiago returns to Guatemala to be with his family.

Sheila is a kind and caring person, if a bit empty-headed. He is happy to see his father again while Mickey is amused to see him.

Later on, his mother decided to leave the Milkovich house and they come to live in the Ball House. He is mostly seen being tended to by his mother who has now married Veronica.

Yev is mostly seen playing with his new step-siblings Amy and Gemma. When Lana is imprisoned and nearly deported, V takes Yevgeny with her to visit Svetlana.

Yevegeny is happy to see his mother and V uses him as a way to get Svetlana to accept her terms since she needed to be in her child's life.

Later, Mickey brings home Ian, who is passed out from drugs, and is watching over him in their bed. Svetlana, having just come out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, seems upset that Mickey is looking so lovingly at Ian and barely acknowledges her.

She walks away looking like she is going to cry. The next morning in Hope Springs Eternal she threatens Ian with a hammer to make him leave while Mickey is out of the house.

Shortly thereafter she gives birth. Mickey refuses to come to the hospital to be with her when Mandy tries to pressure him to do so.

She is angry that he doesn't seem to even care about the baby and also insists that she needs money for baby supplies.

Mickey and Ian get the money through robbery, and he gives it to her. She demands that he come home, to which he refuses.

She uses Terry as a threat again, while Mickey likewise threatens to make her baby an orphan if she keeps it up.

Matters come to a head in Emily. Svetlana has insisted upon a Russian Orthodox baptism for the baby. Terry is to be released from prison that day, and she is more concerned about him being at the ceremony than she is about Mickey.

She insists that she and Terry have become very close, to which Mickey groans and asks if she is going to start banging him again right in front of the priest.

Terry does not show up for the church ceremony, but Ian does, which greatly annoys her. Later at the after party she taunts Mickey for being submissive towards his father, and threatens again to tell Terry that Mickey is seeing Ian again.

She also demands that Ian leave the party. Mickey loses his temper an warns her that her life is as good as it is ever going to get and she should stop trying to mess with him.

However, Ian is angry at Mickey as well and declares that he is breaking up with him. Unwilling to lose Ian again, Mickey outs himself to the entire crowd at the party while Svetlana watches with a displeased expression.

Terry goes berserk and a brawl ensues between him, Mickey, Ian and Terry's brothers. Terry is arrested for violating his probation not four hours after being released from jail.

In Lazarus , Mickey is now sleeping with Ian back at the Milkovich house since Terry is in jail again.

When Mickey gets out of bed to look for cigarettes, Svetlana taunts him from the couch, asking if he is "rainbow boy now" and will "wear pink sweaters and stink of man perfume.

He notices that Svetlana has dyed her hair red to match Ian's and asks what she did. She gets up and opens her robe to reveal her bare breasts, and a large strap-on that she is wearing.

She asks if he wants her to "stick it in your poop place". Mickey is disgusted and asks her to take it off. Svetlana gives a lengthy speech about "choice", implying that Mickey chooses to be gay.

She says that one of the other prostitutes, Nika, wants to service her. A stunned Mickey asks if she is a lesbian, to which she teasingly replies "Maybe yes, maybe no.

He acquiesces, especially as Ian is now showing signs of severe bipolar disorder and won't get out of bed.

When the Gallagher's come over to check on him, she mostly stays quiet, but does show some kind attention to Liam, who appears to like her.

Svetlana is still living in the Milkovich house, and seems to have a much improved relationship with both Mickey and Ian.

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